He’s Got His Jesse Pinkman Back!

In Season 3 of Breaking Bad, professional crystal meth producer Walter White was set up with a competent lab assistant in Gale Boetticher. But Walter decided that he wanted his familiar partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman, in Boetticher’s spot. So he staged mix-ups with his assistant and feigned cohesion issues in order to get his guy back.

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A Fun Observation About Derick Brassard

I’m not sure if anyone else ever noticed this, but a while ago, I realized that Derick Brassard seemed to be the first player from the bench to reach the celebration whenever the Rangers scored an overtime goal or won a series in the playoffs. It didn’t happen every time, but it definitely occurred often enough that I would always watch the celebration extra carefully after such a game. Below are some examples I could find online:

It’s a little difficult to see Brassard in a couple of these videos, so you may need to watch them a few times to really see him.

This one is particularly tough to see, but you can just make out Brassard at the top of the screen.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.04.06 PM

Finally, here’s Brassard racing off the bench after the Rangers beat Montreal in Game 6 of the 2014 Eastern Conference Final.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.08.21 PM494514223

(pictures via @ajcastiglia and Getty)

Even though I think the trade the Rangers made on Monday was a smart move, I will miss Brassard. Consider this a short tribute to a really good Ranger who was a lot of fun to watch.

Top Ten Most Memorable Goals from this Rangers Era

The dominant theme of postmortems to come out of the Rangers’ first-round exit last weekend is that the organization has reached the end of an era. I’m inclined to agree, and there’s a lot of (deserved) doom and gloom regarding the Rangers’ outlook. That said, I thought I’d put together a top ten list of the most memorable goals from this wildly successful era for nostalgic purposes.

10. Carcillo Opens the Scoring off Zuccarello’s Pass, G7 vs. PHI 2014

I remember experiencing high levels of anxiety prior to this game, as the Rangers let an inferior Flyers team push them to Game 7 after a rout in Philadelphia in Game 6. Scoring first was a huge sigh of relief, made sweeter by the ridiculous pass and unlikely scorer.

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The Trade Deadline Brings Thoughts and Here Are The Thoughts

Some years the trade deadline can be an episode of Let’s Make a Deal, with seemingly endless possibilities behind concealed doors. Other years, it’s much more clear. The 2012 trade deadline was focused on Rick Nash. The 2014 deadline was centered around Martin St. Louis and then-pending UFAs Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi. This season, the two names leading the discussions were Keith Yandle and Eric Staal.

For a long time earlier in the season, it seemed like the Keith Yandle leaving the Rangers at the trade deadline was inevitable. The situation seemed to shift when McDonagh went down with a concussion on February 6th, and Yandle oddly went from playing 3rd pairing minutes to leading the Rangers in ice-time nearly nightly in McDonagh’s absence.

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Keith Yandle and the Long Tail

I try to live my life by two simple rules:

  1. When there’s trouble you call DW
  2. Be aware of the limitations of my own memory

While the application of Rule #1 is pervasive and obvious, Rule #2 has specific relevance to the early season discussions on the play of Keith Yandle. I think our memories left unchecked can be less than stellar evaluators of players like Yandle. Read more

The End.

After a tad over three years in operation, Rangers Unlimited will be no longer.

Thanks to all those who have read the blog over the years. Having a place to write down my thoughts, and having people seek them out was a fun experience for me.

A special thanks to those who have contributed to the site alongside me: John J. Werner, Andrew Wisneski, Zachary and Alex Ellenthal.

All the best,