Beating a Dead Horse: The Problem with Kevin Klein

Photo from Sergei Belski, USA Today Sports

Photo from Sergei Belski, USA Today Sports

When Kevin Klein joined the Rangers in January, he was asked the same question that every new acquisition is asked: “So give us a quick scouting report; let the fans know what kind of player Kevin Klein is.” The response:

Well, it’s a good thing Klein enjoys playing in his own end, because that’s where he spends the majority of his time. I’m of course interpreting Klein’s words too literally. He was simply communicating that he takes pride in his defensive play, and I’m sure he knows playing offense is preferable to defending. The problem, though, is Klein’s propensity for spending time in the defensive zone is a huge drag on the Rangers’ defensive corps.

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Beating a Dead Horse: How Pervasive are Glass’ Possession Deficiencies?


Photo from Resolute via Wikimedia Commons

Since signing a three-year deal with the Rangers on the first day of free agency, Tanner Glass has generated much more discussion than a fourth line player normally does. That’s because Glass’ possession stats are about the worst you will see, so he became somewhat of a lightning rod for the same old performance metrics debates.

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Training Camp Opens, Some Questions Answered

Photo from DSCF1837 via Wikimedia Commons

Today was the official start of training camp. Although there was no on-ice activities, Alain Vigneault did speak to the media.

Some notes from Vigneault’s opening press conference:

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Rangers To Use Tracking Chips for Analytical Purposes [EDIT: Or Not...]

The Rangers will be among several clubs that will use computer chips to track player movement on the ice, according to a TSN report.

The team presidents also heard from several clubs including the New York Rangers who are planning to use jerseys this year that have computer chips built in. The chips will allow teams to more accurately track a player’s speed and movements on the ice for use in advanced statistical analysis.

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Brooks: Rangers Offering Staal $5.5M Per

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Blurry image taken by me on my cellular telepone

Larry Brooks reports that the Rangers and Marc Staal are still a bit apart on talks for a new contract.

Brooks reports that the Rangers are believed to be offering (maybe a tad under) $5.5 million per for six years, while Staal is seeking $6 million a season seven times over.

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Rangers Lose 5th Place Game in Traverse City

The Rangers lost 6-3 to the Wild in the 5th place game in the Traverse City prospects tournament. Kevin Hayes, Ryan Haggerty and Anthony Duclair had the Ranger goals.

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