Pavel Buchnevich Impressing Observers

Pavel Buchnevich’s play has been generating some buzz as of late, as he has established himself as a regular in the second best league in the world as an 18-year-old.

Fellow Ranger writer and a must follow for European Rangers’ prospect news Alex Nunn watched Buchnevich’s most recent game in which the 2013 3rd-rounder scored two goals and an assist.

When the Rangers selected Buchnevich with the 75th overall pick, I was excited to learn that Corey Pronman had ranked him the 17th-best talent in the draft (His pre-draft scouting report is included in the link). The “Russian Factor” surely had something to do with his draft slot, but drafting guys like Buchnevich is exactly the kind of high-upside pick the Rangers should be gambling on the middle rounds on. Buchnevich is one of my favorite Ranger prospects, and likely the one with the highest ceiling.

Here are the highlights of Buchnevich’s three-point performance over the weekend. Impressive stuff.

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