Just How Good Are the 2013-14 Rangers?

The 2013-14 Rangers have been a mystifying bunch. They started the season on an NHL record 9 game road trip and had, to put it very nicely, mixed results. At times they looked to not have a grasp on the most basic of defensive concepts and found completing a tape-to-tape pass a challenging feat.

Recently, their powerplay is clicking, their goaltending is solid, and they’re converting a lot more games into wins. So where in that spectrum do the true New York Rangers fall?

Since October 28, the Rangers have been the 7th best team in the league at collecting points:

Now, is it fair to simply remove the Rangers early seasons struggles? Probably not. They were adjusting to a new coach, but so were other teams who performed better. Still, it’s a sample of 47 games where the Rangers rank among the top teams in the league. Hardly negligible.

Let’s take a look at how the Rangers’ PDO (shooting percentage + save percentage) has moved throughout the season:

A PDO significantly lower than 100% normally isn’t sustainable. As you can see above, the Rangers’ PDO started climbing steadily around the 10-game mark (October 28th). It’s now now climbed to a hair below average.

I’d say the facts suggest the Rangers are among the better teams in the league this season. Of course, as always, that doesn’t guarantee anything going forward.

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