McKenzie: St. Louis Only Wants Rangers

Bob McKenzie stated on the TSN radio that it is his “clear understanding” that Martin St. Louis asked for a trade to only the Rangers:

If Steve Yzerman and Marty St. Louis want to correct me on this, by all means, do so, but my clear understanding is he asked for a trade. It sounds as is that trade request still is very much in effect, and he asked for a trade to only one team: the New York Rangers.

Listen for yourself.

McKenzie states, however, that the situation may drag into the summer, which makes sense, as it’s the only leverage Tampa Bay has if St. Louis will only accept a trade to one team.

I must say, this situation has me very excited. St. Louis is the league’s leading point scorer in the past five seasons. It’s not everyday a player like that is available, let alone asked to be traded to the Rangers and only the Rangers.

UPDATE: Darren Dreger got in on the fun as well:

I couldn’t imagine the Rangers dealing Callahan to the Penguins. I could, however, see Tampa Bay taking on Callahan, only to flip him to the Penguins for assets they desire more.


  1. Jim says:

    Well who can blame him
    Get it done rangers

  2. Larry says:

    Do they really need a whole team is midgets?

  3. Jim says:

    Not ideal but it’s better to have a team with talent then a big team with no skill

  4. Jared Sexton says:

    I believe the preferred term is “little people”.

    And the Rangers can add as many elite little people as they can fit, and it would be fine by me.

  5. Larry says:

    Well he’s also an old midget. I would like to get him but not at what I’d think it would cost to aquire him

  6. Jared Sexton says:

    I understand the concern with his age. It wouldn’t shock me to see him still producing at 42-43. He led the league in scoring at 37.