Corey Pronman Unveils His Top 10 Rangers Prospects

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This morning everyone’s favorite/most controversial prospector, ESPN’s Corey Pronman, released his take on the Rangers farm system. The Top 10 is as follows:

I’m not going to share too much of the content since it’s behind a paywall, but here’s Pronman’s one sentence overview:

Following the graduation of several top prospects, dealing away top picks and the simply fine development of some of their early-round picks, the Rangers’ system is a little light at the moment.

Only Buchnevich ranks among Pronman’s Top 100 drafted prospects, while Duclair was one the handful of names that ‘just missed.’ Duclair’s omission from the list was a bit of a surprise for someone coming off of a 50-goal, 99-point season, but Pronman notes that Duclair must ‘work on making better decisions and being a more well-rounded player.’

I highly recommend becoming an ESPN Insider. For all of the criticism their coverage of hockey gets, Pronman does great work.

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