He’s Got His Jesse Pinkman Back!

In Season 3 of Breaking Bad, professional crystal meth producer Walter White was set up with a competent lab assistant in Gale Boetticher. But Walter decided that he wanted his familiar partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman, in Boetticher’s spot. So he staged mix-ups with his assistant and feigned cohesion issues in order to get his guy back.

I couldn’t help but think of this storyline when I heard news of Tanner Glass’ recall this morning.

When anyone besides Tanner Glass tried to do what Glass does with the Rangers under Vigneault, it was found to be inadequate. J.T. Miller fought Michael Ferland and Vigneault publicly wondered why. Dylan McIlrath, bringing what he brings, couldn’t find his way into regular third pairing minutes, despite the competition for right-defense minutes being sub-par. It was always found to be jazz, when AV needed classical.

Over the years, I’ve addressed the topic of deterrence many times. I’ll only summarize today. Much of the recent outrage seems to be around the actions of Tom Wilson and Steve Ott. Tom Wilson owes his multi-million dollar NHL salary to taking the body whenever he can as hard as he can. He knows that the moment he stops, he’s signed his last NHL contract and is looking at dividing by salary by 20. In the case of Steve Ott, whatever hockey skills he once had are gone. Whatever relevance he’s managed to convince at least some NHL teams he still has is based largely on his willingness to annoy. The moment he no longer displays such a willingness, his NHL career is over. The idea that Tanner Glass is going to motivate those two (and other similar cases) to act against those professional pressures is a hilarious one.

After all, what did Tanner Glass to do to prevent Dustin Byfuglien from cross-checking J.T. Miller? What did he do after the fact, even? Same questions for McDonagh getting clocked by Wayne Simmonds or laid out by Leo Komarov.

I just cannot believe this is where we are again.

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